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See how OmaxCloud® can be used to build scalable infrastructure at a lower cost, deploy new applications instantly and scale up workloads based on demand – all within a security-rich platform. See specific solutions for:

Infrastructure (IT)

Build and scale on OmaxCloud infrastructure


Improve the performance and scalability of your applications

Virtual private servers

Get maximum flexibility without sacrificing security

Dedicated hosting

Get total isolation and control for critical workloads

Business Hosting

Hosting tailored to agencies and freelancers

Reseller Hosting

Use your allocated server space proactively and rent it out to third parties in need of hosting of their own

Plesk hosting

Work faster, not harder with Plesk Obsidian; our feature-rich Linux-based alternative to cPanel

GPU computing

Provision NVIDIA GPUs on OmaxCloud servers

Game hosting

Host your game on our most performant servers

High-performance computing

Run compute-intensive problems on OmaxCloud

Video Streaming Hosting

Create a highly available streaming service

Cloud VPN

Quickly set up a fast, reliable, and easy to use VPN

Block storage

Store and deliver vast amounts of content

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Build and scale on OmaxCloud infrastructure


The next generation of cloud storage


One app to replace them all


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